SCR 888- How to play

The steps are simple- Set up an iBET account and as per the rules you have to deposit a certain amount of money beforehand.

It is only then will you be able to move forward.

As you have gathered a specific amount of bonus, you might desire to bring out that bonus cash.

The gaming forum gives you an easy mode to do so.

You will come across withdrawal page which enables you to enter the cash you want to withdraw.

You will have to follow the laid down procedures and your cash will be transferred to your own account.

Say you are a first timer, you will be provided an account tutorial and a start up cash, which will enable you to complete your account setup properly.

SCR888 gives you access to over 60+ slot games and gives to the chance to avail some of the best bonus offerings as well as some impressive rebates.

Apart from providing some top notch slot games the site also gives you the ambience as well as the experience of a traditional online casino.

The access is also good and you can enjoy them simply at your homes without having to go anywhere.

So come and enjoy the games which are lined up for you.